Trinity Parkway and S.M. Wright

Trinity Parkway

The Trinity Parkway was identified in the 1998 Trinity Parkway Corridor Major Transportation Investment Study, prepared by TxDOT, as a reliever route and much needed addition to Dallas' transportation system. It is currently envisioned as a 6/4 lane toll road, extending 8.5 miles, from SH 183/IH-35 in the north, down to US 175 in the south. It will have a capacity of 100,000 vehicles per day.

The Federal Highway Administration has signed the Record of Decision for the Trinity Parkway project. A copy of the Record of Decision is available by selecting the link:

FHWA Record of Decision Signed        
City of Dallas Memo re FHWA Record of Decision

The North Texas Tollway Authority continues to work on Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for this roadway, which is required prior to construction. The schedule for completing the EIS and for construction of the Parkway, should a build alternative be approved, is pending further coordination with TxDOT and the USACE. The FHWA Record of Decision was received on April 2, 2015.

The City's current preferred alignment is shown here.

S. M. Wright

Plans to transform S.M. Wright Freeway into a low-speed, landscaped, pedestrian-friendly boulevard are underway by the City and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). To alleviate a 90 degree angle in US 175 and IH 45, the following changes will be made to this dangerous stretch of the freeway:

  • Add direct connecting ramps between US 175 (CF Hawn Freeway) & IH 45
  • Improve IH 45 capacity to facilitate new direct connecting CF Hawn ramps
  • Provide access between CF Hawn & SM Wright through a grade separated interchange
  • Convert SM Wright to a low speed, signalized, pedestrian-friendly, landscaped arterial
  • Spacing provided to allow proposed Trinity Parkway connection and extension

The planned ramps connecting CF Hawn to IH-45 would divert commuter traffic off SM Wright and reduce its 107,000 daily vehicles to about 40,000: a reduction that allows TxDOT to convert the existing elevated, 10-lane high speed S. M. Wright Freeway to a 6-lane low-speed, at grade and signalized boulevard without a bridge. Additional exciting plans would allow installation of pedestrian trails, gateway monuments and attractive landscape features.

The proposed S. M. Wright Project would allow room for the future Trinity Parkway improvements. TxDOT continues to work alongside the NTTA, City of Dallas, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NCTCOG, FHWA, and USEPA on many improvements in the area.

For additional Trinity Parkway information visit NTTA

Visit for more information on S.M. Wright.

For the Project Sheet visit

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