Baker No. 3 Stormwater Pump Station Update
The roof is on and the sump area nears completion as Baker Pump Station is being finished along Irving Blvd. and the East Levee by Barr Constructors Inc. This second new station is one of a kind featuring four concrete volute pumps; largest of their type in the U.S. Pavaho Pump Station that opened in 2012 has three of these pumps.
The 4.6 mile Trinity Skyline Trail is open to the public and ready for hiking and biking. Daily, people of all ages enjoy the trail and beautiful cityscape views from the trail alignment near the Trinity River.
Senior High School Students in the Forest
Jessica Hart, the teacher in charge of the expedition to the Lower Chain of Wetlands in early November, was excited to see the fifty-five seniors from Uplift Hampton Preparatory Charter School walking the Trinity Forest Trails, learning how to water and soil sample and how to plant native species around the Wood Duck Pond at the Lower Chain of Wetlands.
Native Plants in the Trinity Corridor
The cool nights have already touched the trees in the Great Trinity Forest with colors of russet and gold. One of the brightest colors in the forest comes from Carolina snailseed and its long clusters of brilliant red fruit. Birds love the berries. The common name of the plant refers to the seed, which resembles a tiny snail shell. Don’t miss a chance to hike or bike on the Trinity Forest Trails and experience fall at the Trinity.

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